Community engagement is people working together to address issues, concerns or problems by achieving one or more goals.  Democracy is the power gained in working together to accomplish those goals.  Both community and democracy grow as citizens gain the motivation, skills and knowledge needed to make community engagement work and their use of democracy effective. 

Community engagement and the use of democracy can take many forms, and there are many factors that influence what works and what doesn’t.  Since all communities are unique, each community’s goals will be different.

Here are just a very small sample of what communities working together have accomplished or could accomplish through the use of their engagement and the power of their shared democracy.   

Cultural Read More

Economic Read More

Educational Read More

Environmental Read More

Health Read More

Political/Power Read More

Psychological Read More

Recreational Read More

Religious/Spiritual Read More

Technological Read More

This is a partial list. Much more is possible with effective engagement and use of democracy.