The Power of Money vs. the People

In his New York Times article entitled “Bankers Took Over the Climate Change Summit. That’s Bad for Democracy” on Nov. 25, 2021, Christopher Caldwell talks about how the COP26 was more like Davos than a meeting to solve the problems of climate change.  He noted that the world’s money men seem to have taken the thing over.  Essentially these titans of finance we there to control the world’s response to climate change and force their own interests into the proceedings by mapping out our economic future.  Of course, the process they map would be primarily to benefit their own companies and fortunes, especially given that together the wealth they control dwarfs the kind of money that seems to be otherwise available to address the problems presenting the world community as the climate changes.  The moneyed response to COP26 and other endeavors to solve the climate crisis are clear evidence of the extreme weakness of democracies in the world.  It is in essence a reflection of the enormous power of money and the opposing negligible power of the people of the world to cooperatively work toward a solution that will benefit everyone that lives on the planet.  Unless or until people decide to unite, compromise and collaboratively move toward a world that is designed to benefit the majority of those who live in it, those with the greatest wealth will buy the power needed to make a climate changed world that will primarily benefit their interests.