The Community/Democracy Building Project

Many think that democracy primarily happens in Washington DC and state capitals and all that we, the people, have to do is to vote regularly to make it work.  This is wrong.  We, the people, have to be involved and participate.  This website gives you a whole host of ways to be involved to ensure your democracy works for you.  But before you concentrate on your democracy, you have to work on yourself and your community. 


Community is people coming together, connecting with one another, sharing their skills and talents to plan and accomplish that which is important to them by engaging with one another.

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In a republic, democracy is the act of people working together to establish the power that allows them to accomplish goals they share. Democracy gives community the ability to solve problems and address issues that concern the members of a community.

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Attempts at building community and thereby its use of democracy can be destroyed through the use of violence. The more violence that a community experiences, the less possible it is to build or even sustain community within a group of people. And when community disappears, its ability to use the power in democracy goes as well.

Nonviolence enhances community and the use of the power in democracy to build, support and sustain community.

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Your choice

Do you want to be part of an engaged community and strengthen our democracy? Only when we work together can democracy work for us. The rest of this website may give you some ideas on how to accomplish a healthier, engaged community and better democracy for yourself and those you love (and even others you may not love but are simply fellow members in this large, diverse, potential-filled, beautiful community we call the United States of America)

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